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Podcasts: Celebrant Chat - So You're Getting Married

Join Tracey Matthies as she presents a weekly podcast, Celebrant Chat - So You're Getting Married.

These snappy 10-15 minute chats cover everything to do with getting married in Australia, not just the role of your celebrant.

Episode Five: Frequently Asked Questions

Children at weddings, hashtags and wishing wells - let's talk about some questions that pop up frequently on Facebook wedding groups.

Episode Four: Wedding Expos

Getting married is a big deal and planning your wedding can be overwhelming. Fortunately, help is at hand in the form of the wedding expo! In this episode, get some hints and tips on getting the most from your visit to the wedding expo.

Episode Three: Wedding Traditions

Weddings are filled with tradition and while some add to your ceremony, others are possibly a little outdated, irrelevant and definitely sexist. In this episode we look at just a few wedding traditions and what they mean, along with some alternatives.

Episode Two: Structuring Your Ceremony

There is very little which must, by law, be included in your ceremony. In this episode, I give you ideas for the rest of your ceremony to make sure it captures your dreams and plans. 

Episode One: Introducing Tracey Matthies

The only episode where I talk so much about me!

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