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Using a Celebrant

Using a celebrant to conduct your unique life ceremony allows you to focus on enjoying your special occasion.

Celebrants have training and experience in creating and conducting ceremonies that honour your life celebrations. Trained and authorised celebrants also ensure that all the legal requirements for solemnising weddings.

Celebrants understand the elements that make up successful ceremonies, and can help you to bring your visions to reality by designing and creating an event that is uniquely yours. In fact, no two ceremonies conducted by Unique Life Ceremonies are ever the same!

You will usually meet with a celebrant to explain the occasion that you are celebrating and to explore ideas for your ceremony. This is an opportunity for you to ensure that you can establish a good rapport with your celebrant before committing to working together.

It takes time to plan a meaningful ceremony, so please make contact with Unique Life Ceremonies as early as possible. At the very least, it gives you a better chance of securing your preferred date! It also means that we can spend time exploring your ideas and discussing rituals, readings and themes.

Planning for authorised weddings usually starts many months in advance, although funerals require intensive work over just a few days. Sometimes, however, a person with a terminal illness or special requirements may choose to work with a celebrant to prepare their funeral service ahead of time. This can take much of the pressure of your family but be sure to let them know of your wishes and arrangements!

Every ceremony is unique and the way that your celebration is designed and conducted will depend on many factors including your vision, venue, season, people to be involved, your budget and more. By choosing to use a celebrant, you are taking advantage of my training and experience to smooth this journey as much as possible.


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