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Welcome and an introduction

Hello and welcome!

I'm Tracey Matthies, authorised marriage celebrant and owner at Unique Life Ceremonies.

In this, my first blog post, you'll get to know me a little, including why I became a celebrant, and you'll also pick up at least one key tip for choosing a celebrant for your big day.

I toyed with the idea of becoming a celebrant for at least 10 years before completing the course and applying to the Attorney General's Department for authorisation. I believe in the institution of marriage (for everyone) and I believe that family is important to our society. I also think that ceremony is essential to mark significant moments in our lives, and marriage is certainly a significant moment!

But most importantly, I feel that I have enough life experience to add value to your wedding day because I am a wife (more than 30 years' experience!), mother (almost 30 years' experience), grandma, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, niece etc, etc.

As a former journalist who worked in both radio and print, I am also an experienced presenter, interviewer and writer, which all helps me to capture and share your love story.

The best part of being an authorised marriage celebrant is that I get to work with people who are in love and at the happiest time of their life!

When I'm not being a celebrant, I manage a small business that does market research for audiologists, I go rock and roll dancing, cycling and geocaching (Google that one!) with my husband, and I give back to my community through my involvement with the Lions Club of Trafalgar and Gippy Rocks.

OK, this is the key tip I promised you for choosing your authorised marriage celebrant.

I may not be the celebrant for you.

Surely, I suspect you're asking yourself right now, I want you to choose me as your celebrant. After all, you're on my website, you're reading my blog.

Well, yes, I do hope that you will choose me as your celebrant. Hopefully we're creating a connection right here before we even meet.

However, I'm realistic enough to accept that my style will not suit everyone. I can be formal, relaxed, traditional, light-hearted, and I can even crack an acceptable joke or two. But I can't sing (out of the shower), and I am a woman of a certain vintage. You may feel more comfortable with a male celebrant, or with a much younger or older celebrant.

And that's OK.

The most important thing is that you choose a celebrant who you click with because it's that connection that will enable me to create the ceremony of your dreams. Don't be afraid to interview several celebrants until you find the right one.

Please leave a comment.

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