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It's not romantic, but it's important

This is probably the most unromantic blog that I could write but it’s a topic that is quite simply too important to be ignored.

Have you seen those WorkSafe advertisements about safety in the workplace?

Well, guess what?

On your wedding day, your wedding ceremony is MY workplace and that makes me responsible for the safety and wellbeing of everyone there, including you and your soon-to-be (or maybe newly-wed) spouse, myself, your wedding party and your guests.

While you’re looking stunningly beautiful, I’m looking out for anything that could go wrong. From children or animals behaving unpredictably, tripping hazards for your bridal procession or your guests, to frayed power cords, seating for those who need it most, and moving vehicles, I need to try and spot a hazard before it becomes a danger.

And that’s why I’ll ask you about Plan B in case it’s raining or in the middle of a heatwave for your outdoor wedding. I’m not just being practical; I’m taking my OHS responsibilities seriously.

When I suggest, for a hot day, that you position your bridal party under the shade of the trees or provide pretty parasols for us all to stand under, it’s because I’ve conducted a risk assessment and identified sunburn and heatstroke as potential hazards. It’s why I’ve suggested that you make sure there is plenty of cold water and maybe handheld paper fans available for your guests.

I am first-aid certified and that means that I have a legal responsibility to provide first aid should something occur while I’m working at your ceremony. That should give you peace of mind. If Nan faints or your pageboy nephew trips and rolls his ankle, then I’ll stop the ceremony and take care of the patient. Hopefully I can make them safe and comfortable and we can finish your ceremony.

The good news – I may be responsible for OHS at your wedding but I won’t have to wear a hi-viz vest (and that’s as much a relief for me as it is for you)!

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