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How to share your story with your celebrant

The most memorable wedding ceremonies are those that share a piece of you – well, your love story.

You’ve made the decision to hitch your wagon to your favourite person and you’re super-excited – but how do you put that into words? As your celebrant, I’ll write the love story part of your ceremony, but I need the details from you.

So, grab a pen and piece of paper, work together or separately, and start noting down your answers to the following questions. But don’t just stop when you get to the end! Let your mind roam freely and jot down all sorts of thoughts that I can use as building blocks to writing your story.

Let’s start with the basics:

How did you meet? When and where?

Did the sparks fly immediately?

Who made the first move? How

Common interests?

Now let’s dig a bit deeper.

Tell me about an occasion where your loved one did something that made you feel really special.

What’s the sweetest thing you’ve done for your partner?

Complete these sentences.

In five years we will……

He/she always makes me laugh when….

I want to be married because…

Something that no one else knows about our relationship is….

Work together or separately. These are simply thought starters

Now just send your notes to me and let me do the work. I’ll send you a draft and we’ll make magic happen!

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