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Authorised Wedding

Traditional, relaxed, themed. Whatever your wedding dreams,  I'll work with you to design a unique ceremony which reflects your personality and dreams.

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Commitment Ceremony

Unique commitment ceremonies are ideal for same sex couples, couples of different faiths, divorced couples, in fact, anyone who is not ready or able to be legally married for any reason but who wish to publicly declare their commitment to each other.

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Name Giving/Baby Welcoming

The arrival of a new baby in your family is both a joyful and serious occasion. It’s a time to celebrate the arrival of a new human being and declare your commitment to his or her welfare. 

A name giving or welcoming ceremony allows you to formally introduce this precious one to your circle of family and friends.

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Renewal of Vows

Married couples may choose to reaffirm their commitment to each other with a ceremony to renew their vows. This type of ceremony typically commemorates an anniversary or demonstrates that the vows made on your wedding day are still sacred. 

It’s both a celebration of your lives together to date and your commitment to doing it all over again!

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There are many more milestones you may like to mark with a ceremony. As a celebrant, I can develop a unique ceremony to commemorate any occasion, including:

  • Getting divorced
  • Changing career
  • Retirement
  • Making a personal breakthrough
  • Acknowledging an illness or recovery
  • Farewelling a loved one
  • Celebrating a significant birthday or anniversary

Please contact me to discuss how a Unique Life Ceremonies' service can help you to create special memories.