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FAQs about getting married with The Pop Up Celebrant

You're getting married and you've probably got loads of questions. After all, it's not like you do this every week, or even every year. But I do, so here are some of the questions that I get asked.

PS If there's something else you need to know, you just gotta ask!

Q. How does The Pop Up Celebrant differ from a pop up wedding?
A. Pop up wedding companies typically lock you into their choice of photographer, florist and other suppliers. They may also limit the number of guests you can invite. The Pop Up Celebrant doesn't. I simply streamline the process of getting you married at a lovely venue.

Q. So, how many guests can we have?

A. How many do you want? You need at least two guests aged 18 or older to act as your witnesses. The Pop Up Celebrant always looks for venues that can cater for up to 100 guests so that you are not limited. 

Q. Isn't The Pop Up Celebrant just a cookie cutter or conveyor approach to weddings? 

A. Absolutely not! The Pop Up Celebrant treats every ceremony with the due respect and excitement that your special day deserves. By streamlining the process, I am saving you time, money and stress, whilst still maintaining a personal approach.

Q. What's the difference between a personalised and personal ceremony?

A. Think of "personalised" children's books where they simply insert a child's name into the book.  Now think of how you want your wedding ceremony to be - truly personal, about you. Sure, The Pop Up Celebrant offers you selections, but I prefer to write a 100% personal service, just for you and your fiance.

Q. We want to elope.

A.  That is so romantic! The Pop Up Celebrant is ideal for eloping couples. Whether you are planning a traditional elopement i.e. running away to get married without telling anyone, or whether you're planning a small celebration with just your nearest and dearest around you, The Pop Up Celebrant is exactly what you need. Personal, simple, streamlined and stress-free. 

Q. Can you include our story in our ceremony?

A. Yes! The  "Magical Moments Ceremony Creation Kit" that you will receive at our first meeting dedicates an entire section to telling your story. Work through this section and send your details to The Pop Up Celebrant so I can write your love story in a way that engages your guests.

Q. Can we write our own vows?

A. Of course. I've included a guide to writing meaningful vows in  "Magical Moments Ceremony Creation Kit". And if you need a hand, just ask.

Q. What if we miss deadlines for making our ceremony selections?

A. Using the  "Magical Moments Ceremony Creation Kit" is really easy and means that you will get the personal ceremony that you deserve. If, however, you are not able to get your selections etc. to The Pop Up Celebrant by the agreed deadline, I will create a ceremony based on what I have already learned about you.

Q. Why do we need to pay in full, upfront?

A. Getting married with The Pop Up Celebrant is a streamlined process, and that includes the financial side of things. Keeping on top of costs is essential so being able to tick this one off early will make your planning so much easier. The Pop Up Celebrant accepts cash, direct deposit and EFTpos.

Q. Who uses The Pop Up Celebrant?

A. Anyone who wants to get legally married but without the stress! The Pop Up Celebrant (aka Tracey Matthies) is an Authorised Marriage Celebrant, duly authorised by law to solemnise marriages according to law. I've simply created a process that takes the stress out of getting married while still promising a personal service.

Q. Why do we have to meet with The Pop Up Celebrant?

A. Getting married is a legal process and that means that I must sight your proof of birth, photo ID and possibly other documents. Our meetings (just three of them), are also a chance for us to get to know each other, for me to answer any of your questions, and  for you to check out your venue. 

Q. What do we need to bring to our first meeting?

A. Great question! Click here to download your first meeting checklist. 

Q. But what if we don't have all of the documents in time for our first meeting?

A. That's going to happen sometimes, especially if you have to order your birth certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages, or are waiting on finalisation of your divorce. Bring along what you have at the time. You can still make your booking with The Pop Up Celebrant, but I must sight those documents before I can perform your marriage ceremony. This may mean we need an extra meeting but, hey, you can certainly be confident that I am making sure that all of the legal requirements are being met. 

Q. What if we don't have all of our documents before our wedding day?

A. Again, that happens sometimes. Unfortunately, that means The Pop Up Celebrant will not be able to perform a legal wedding ceremony on the day. I will conduct a commitment ceremony (your guests will still see you make your promises to each other). We will then solemnise your marriage (that's the legal term for legally marrying you), in a private ceremony as soon as possible after you receive all your documents. 

Q. What if it rains on our wedding day?

A. Did you know that rain on your wedding day is believed to be a sign of good luck? It's also good luck for you if have chosen The Pop Up Celebrant because I plan for wet weather. I only choose locations that have a wet weather option that is just as special as the outdoor option. Please note that The Pop Up Celebrant makes the decision on moving to the wet weather option (I need to take care of your guests as well as as my PA system and paperwork.)

Q. Can our photographer take photos during the ceremony?

A. Absolutely! This is your special day and you want to capture those magic moments!  PS Please be sure to share some photos with The Pop Up Celebrant.

Q. What if the bride (or groom) is late?

A. Each wedding is allocated a generous window of time which is more than sufficient to allow your guests to arrive, for the bride to make her entrance, for The Pop Up Celebrant to conduct your ceremony, and for you both to spend some time with your guests, receiving their congratulations, before you all move on to the next part of your day.  However, if either of you is running so late that it will affect the weddings that follow yours, then you may have to reschedule your ceremony for later in the day. I understand that would cause major issues for everyone involved and none of us want that! Please plan your wedding day carefully by asking your other suppliers (e.g. hair and make up, cars, flowers, photographers) to help you create a timeline that ensures you are on time for your ceremony.